Frequently Asked Questions
Learn about Benefact4's robust data privacy measures, unique features, and how we inspire acts of kindness. Discover what sets us apart and how to connect with us for more information.

Product FAQs

  • Passwords are encrypted in the database.
  • No user data is shared with third-party applications.
  • Unauthorized users have restricted access.
  • We perform periodic backups of the database both locally and on a dedicated server.
  • Backup data is stored on a secured server to ensure its safety.
  • Yes, Benefact4 collects user data only to verify the user’s valid email address
  • User feedback and reported issues are managed through the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
  • We use Java for the backend, which is platform-independent.

  • The mobile application is developed using the Flutter framework, compatible with both iOS and Android.

  • Yes, Benefact4 uses AWS, Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, and Flutter.

  • Yes, all data listings are paginated to ensure smooth loading.

  • We have developed a robust system that allows for easy integration of new changes.

  • All APIs used in the mobile application are tokenized.

  • Unauthorized users cannot access the APIs.

  • Both end-to-end security enhancements and exceptional handling are implemented.

Media FAQ

Benefact4 is a revolutionary mobile application designed to empower individuals, groups, and corporations to positively impact their communities through acts of kindness, donations, volunteering, and more. Benefact4 is a community-driven, subscription-based, ad-free social giving application that encourages users to record their personal and family giving, engage with nonprofits they love, and celebrate the generosity of others. Our platform provides a centralized hub for tracking, sharing, and amplifying giving efforts, inspiring others to join the movement.

Benefact4 is more than just a platform for recording donations or volunteer hours. We offer a comprehensive solution that enables users to record every act of kindness, whether it’s donating money, volunteering time, mentoring others, or participating in community events. Our versatile platform allows users to track their impact across various dimensions, fostering a culture of giving that goes beyond traditional metrics. While other apps focus on financial donations or volunteer opportunities, Benefact4 encompasses both of these as well as other acts of kindness across movement (e.g., running a marathon to raise funds) and minutes (e.g., taking an hour to read to children at a preschool).
Benefact4 simplifies the process of giving back by providing users with an intuitive interface to record and track their acts of kindness and philanthropy. Users can easily log their giving activities, share their journeys with others, and create or join groups to amplify their impact. With features like group collaboration, inspiring content, and charity and event searches, Benefact4 makes it easy and rewarding to make a difference. Users can utilize reporting features across Money, Minutes, Movement, and Mentoring to showcase their efforts.
Benefact4 is designed for individuals, groups, and corporations alike. Whether you’re a philanthropist tracking your charitable efforts, a nonprofit organization seeking to engage volunteers, or a company fostering a culture of giving among employees, Benefact4 is your go-to platform for making a positive impact.
Benefact4 was founded by Gail O’Rourke, an experienced entrepreneur and successful businesswoman. Prior to founding Benefact4, Gail established, grew, and successfully sold White Wood Kitchens, an award-winning cabinet, kitchen, and counter showroom on Cape Cod. Gail’s business prowess and dedication to community impact have been recognized through various awards. Her commitment to fundraising and mentorship for nonprofits such as the Room to Dream Foundation, SCI Social Capital, and EforAll drives Benefact4’s mission to empower individuals, groups, and corporations to make a positive impact in their communities. After selling her business, Gail sought to give back and raise $1 million for charity, creating Benefact4 to record and celebrate all forms of giving and kindness.

The bird mascot with the blue feet symbolizes Benefact4’s mission and vision of spreading kindness and positivity. For more details, please feel free to email us.

Media outlets interested in learning more about Benefact4 or scheduling an interview with our team can reach out to us via email at Our media relations team will promptly respond to inquiries and provide necessary information or resources.

updated on the latest news, events, and announcements from Benefact4 by visiting our website and following us on social media. We regularly share updates on product enhancements, partnerships, and community initiatives that showcase the impact of our platform.

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