Using Benefact4 to Form Giving Groups

Form a group in the Benefact4 app to track efforts for your organization or nonprofit, celebrates everyone’s efforts and offers inspiration, or create friendly competition to exceed your charitable goals

If you’re using Benefact4 to share and track your giving journeys, we hope you have found inspiration within the app as you record all the fantastic ways you give back. We love seeing the different ways our digital community impacts their physical communities! 

To help you get the most out of your Benefact4 membership, we’d like to share why and how to form a group.
Why would I want to start a group?
We’re so glad you asked! Starting a group is a great way to share your mission with friends, family, or colleagues. They can be used for friendly competitions or to track a group’s impact. 
Some examples:
  • You come from a large family and enjoy working together to reach a common goal.  Creating a group with your family to form a social giving circle celebrates everyone’s efforts and offers inspiration.
  • You are a volunteer coordinator for a nonprofit and know that your generous group of volunteers gives to many organizations. Form a group to track their efforts for your charity. Complete with a beautiful dashboard to easily report back on the incredible impact they are making. 
  • You run the Human Resources department at a socially responsible firm committed to helping the community. Each department pledges to support a charitable cause. Forming a group for each department allows you to follow their progress and celebrate their generosity as they compete to exceed their charitable goals. 

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